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1-30-08 - We've gotten feedback from a resident that some folks are not complying with the 10 MPH sped limit, and are driving on the sidewalks to try to avoid the speedbumps, and it's endangering children. We ask that everyone remind their guests that our streets are narrow and children often play on the streets, and to please go slowly and be careful. it takes only a few extra seconds to drive carefully, and we're sure that no one wants to be the cause of an accident. Thanks!

If people have billing issues they need to contact our accountant, Frank Lukehart, and not a Board member, we do not handle the money.  His phone number is now on the monthly statement. 

Our biggest complaints are people driving over the speed limit and on the side walk, illegal parking on our streets and sometimes on common area, relentless dog barking, garbage cans not being stored out of sight, large grease stains on driveways, and un-kept yards.
There has been many occurrence of petty theft w/ car break ins lately.   Let’s not invite crime into our neighborhood.. keep valuables out of site and car doors locked. 
We have received complaints of people driving too fast through the neighborhood and driving up on the sidewalk to avoid speed bumps.
Trash cans need to be brought in and stored out of sight and parking pads are not for storing vehicles, no street parking.
The Holiday Decorating Contest Winners were Julie Bernardy, Dave & JoAnn Mercer, and Angelica & Josh Garcia, congrat’s.   All decorations should be brought down b/f February.


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