Canterbury Hills Homeowners Association

Mailing List

Canterbury Hills in Rancho San Diego - Board of Directors

President:  Carol Johnson…   Escrow & Refinancing Info., Delinquent Accounts, & General HOA Info

Vice President:  Phil Vinci… CC&R & “Rules” violations &/or questions

Treasurer:  Katherine Pace…  Financial Records (does not collect &/or deposit HOA dues or fines)

Secretary:  Julie Bernardy and Linda Detrick …  HOA Records & Directory Information

Landscape:  Terry March & Glen Touchette (streets)… liaison with Treebeard Landscape Co.

Architecture:  Chris Perry (has architectural request forms)

Canterbury Hills                                                         Waste Management Trash Collection

P.O. Box 2523                                                              596-5100

Spring Valley, 91979                                                  call for holiday pickup schedule

Accountant for Billing Issues                                  Western Towing

Frank Lukehart                                                             297-8697

440-3800                                                                       858-273-8542 (24 hours)                                       no street parking, fire lanes

Sheriff Dispatch                                                          San Miguel Fire Dept, Non Emergency

337-2000 (report suspicious activity)                       670-0500

Treebeard Landscape- report problems!            Animal Control

697-8302                                                                       767-2675


851-7618 (John’s Cell)


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