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This is the Official Website of the Canterbury Hills Homeowners Association CERTAFIND.

Canterbury Hills is self managed.  Board members are elected by our community and each board member serves as a volunteer.  All dues are deposited by our accountant, Mr. Lukehart.  The board relies on homeowners to notify them of problems in our small community.  We have provided you with contact information to save our association time and sometimes money when dealing with a situation that needs immediate attention.  Since we self- govern we also have to self-monitor so that we can maintain a pleasant living environment for all that live in this great community.  The board is here to assist you; however, we need to be notified of situations, especially when there are extenuating circumstances involved that may prevent you from fulfilling your homeowner responsibilities.  All homeowners are invited and encouraged to attend Board meetings.  Meetings usually last about an hour and there is always time for homeowners to voice their concerns.  Sincerely!

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