Featured Services

Although technically there are hundreds of Website and Online Application services Servata can provide, here we list only the most important ones - inquire anytime and we'll be happy to illustrate the full range of our services.

Servata designs complete Websites from scratch, but focuses primarily on programming and database work. For many Online Applications building a good foundation (in the database and code) is the most critical element to success other than the Marketing effort. Listed below are some of the database and programming related services we provide.


Database Architecture
Our strengths include MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL - our preferred database platform is PostgreSQL. Find out more here.


Extreme Prototyping
There are numerous valid methods by which to arrive at the optimum software solution - for Web-based projects we've found that Extreme Prototyping fits best. Your project will be completed very rapidly, using Extreme Prototyping, to the point at which it can be Beta tested, and while Beta testing is underway the Full Production version of the Online Application will be created from the Prototype. So you get the best of both worlds. Find out more here.


Software Architecture
You could spend precious development resources on diagramming your entire Online Application prior to coding a single line, but in our experience the best Architecture comes from a well-done Prototype, for the same reason the major Car companies build concept cars: "A functioning Prototype is worth a thousand diagrams". Find out more here.


Server Setup and Maintenance
No Online Application would be worthwhile or useful without excellent Server setup, maintenance, support, and administration. We provide the full range of quality Server support and maintenance services, and our service suite includes 24/7 management if you choose. We wouldn't want our site to go down, and we're perfectionists about yours as well. Find out more here.


Servata Online Applications

Development of a new Website and Online Application is a delicate and artful balance of many competing priorities.

Servata Online Applications combines the strengths of experts and professionals around the world, in Business, Advertising, Computer Science, Graphic Design, Process Engineering, Online Law, Intellectual Property, Literature, and more, with hard-nosed realism about what is possible, what is doable, and what will best achieve the varied goals and objectives of the client.

Our development teams are selected from our own staff as well as reliable and experienced colleagues with proven track records. Servata manages all aspects of your project, hands-on, from day one.


What my clients are saying

“I've been working with Servata Online Applications (directly with Dave Mercer), for several years now... He is very responsive to timely change requests and creatively gets the work done, and secondly, his fees are very reasonable. ... I can reach him day or night, weekdays and weekends, which is important to me and my clients when a new idea or concern pops up... It's like having a great employee and a full IT department on your team, without the overhead or complications of hiring people. I'd recommend Servata to those interested in making serious additional revenues for their business.”

-Mark Lucas, ProfitMax Hospitality Marketing